Liquid Soup

is a collaborative project, a bridge between studio and gallery, and a test kitchen for other community-based stuff.

project space open by appointment or invitation (ie. publicized events) only | catering available upon request.

check facebook / instagram for updates about events, openings, + noodle soup.

contact.liquidsoup [at]

142 gedempte zuiderdiep
9711 HN, groningen
the netherlands

"the preparation of a meal is always a ritual analogue of our ways of dealing with the world, the ways we transmute raw matter, stuff of our daily physical existence, into new forms, concepts, and experiences. Functionally central to the kitchen, seen in these terms, is the table. this arena has its own semiotic. all our behaviours exist and have meaning on many levels simultaneously, they contain bonded meanings."
-- roy ascott, table 1975
noodle soup : jun, 29 + 30
12:00h -- 14:30h, 18:00h -- 22:00h